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Become a Medic in South Africa

Part 1

Understanding the pre-hospital emergency medical services and the courses relating to them and their changes throughout the years. There are currently three, and only three accredited qualification that can be obtained in this day and age.

Before starting explaining the courses, lets dive into the dynamics currently found in the emergency medical services industry.

The qualifications that you will find out there ranges from the following:

Discontinued Qualifications

  1. BAA (Basic Life Support) - Short Course Certificate (discontinued)
  2. ILS (Intermediate Life Support) - Short Course Certificate (discontinued)
  3. CCA (ANT Advanced Life Support) - Short Course Certificate (discontinued)
  4. ETC (Emergency Care Technician) - 2 year Diploma (discontinued)
  5. NDip (National Diplome in Emergency Care) - 2 year Diploma (discontinued)
  6. BTech (Baccealeurs degree in Emergency Care) - 4 year degree (discontinued

Current Qualifications

  1. ECA Emergency Care Assistant
  2. Dip.EMC Diploma in Emergency Medical Care
  3. BEMC Baccealeurs Degree in Emergency Care

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